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Welcome to Urban Grace. Here you will find authentic hatha yoga classes in Newtown and Marrickville, and private tuition in the Inner West of Sydney.

Urban Grace yoga classes show us how to express the best of ourselves in our 21st century lives of busyness, business, harsh realities and hard pavements. At Urban Grace we make time in our busy lives to open our bodies and remember our heart's desire at ever-expanding levels of experience. We practice yoga that affirms us as creative human beings so that we may flow with grace.

Yoga with Urban Grace draws from Anusara and Iyengar teaching styles.  We emphasise healthy alignment and respect for each student's individual qualities.  We use our bodies and breath to explore yoga's philosophical teachings as a way of revealing and expressing our unique gifts. With expression of these alignments we can flow with grace. Therefore you can be young, old, flexible, stiff, talented, vague, athletic, staid - everyone is welcome to practice.


From time to time, many people endure a difficulty somewhere in their spine that affects their enjoyment of life.  Sometimes it is just a niggle and sometimes it requires specialised attention.  Back pain can be caused by many things - injury, unhelpful posture or lifestyle, age, genetic predisposition - but whatever the causes, recurrent back pain is debilitating and influences the entire body's function.   As a consequence, our spirit drops because we can't find our way out. 

There comes a time when we decide to take on the challenges offered by back pain and get ourselves stronger and healthy. 
Yoga for Back Care classes are focussed on core stability and are designed for people who want to

  • experience the freedom of a healthy back and posture
  • learn ways to increase core strength
  • learn ways to bring relief if pain returns
  • protect from future pain and injury
  • expand & strengthen what they have gained from hands-on treatment
  • prepare to return to their regular sport routine

yoga for back care

Currently these sessions are available on Wednesdays at 6pm for 40 minutes. Bookings via email or sms are essential.  
jane@urbangrace.com.au  or  0405 343 045

Wednesday 6.00pm - 6.40pm

 These classes teaches  alignment in yoga poses via a progression of pilates-inspired exercises.  Best advantage is gained if you practice with a foam roller at home every day for 10 minutes.   
Foam rollers are provided in class. 
You can buy your own 90cm foam roller via google.

Class size is limited to 10 students and prior enrolment is necessary.

Bookings can be made here   jane@urbangrace.com.au

Private Back Care and other therapy classes are also available by arrangement.


People who suffer back pain initially search for a healing modality that helps them out of the acute phase of pain, such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage, acupuncture, nsaids etc.  When the pain subsides they gradually return to their regular life, often without the privilege of enhanced understanding.  If the pain returns, sufferers find themselves back where they started, not knowing how to help themselves relieve pain without experimenting with another expensive treatment cycle. 

Back Care and Core Strength classes combine a sound foundation of Hatha Yoga alignment principles with focused core strengthening from Pilates.  These two health techniques are famous for improving back health.  Instruction will be backed up with general anatomy guidelines and the teacher's experience with other healing techniques. 

Jane Robinson teaches Back Care and Core Strength classes, drawing on her qualifications to teach in Iyengar and Anusara yoga styles and her own practice of Pilates with a physiotherapist since 2007. 

In her own body, Jane has healed a whiplash injury, RSI and a shoulder fracture.  Long term, Jane has tried many kinds of therapies and practices to lessen the back pain she knew since childhood that has since been diagnosed as a transitional vertebra (Bertolottis Syndrome).  This has been a source of great creative research and has inspired most of her bio-mechanical explorations, discoveries and insights.  

NOTE:   This is a series of yoga classes that use Yoga and Pilates exercises and equipment to help people with back pain.  Jane is an experienced yoga teacher who has helped many students reduce pain and improve strength and mobility from disc problems, neck problems, arthritis, stiffness, spinal, pelvic and rib fractures, pre and post natal problems, sciatica, scoliosis, amputation and headaches.  Students often find improvement in their knees, ankles and upper backs as well. 

However, if there was one approach that healed everyone, all teachers would be offering it and there would be no pain.  Therefore, be assured that if you need a different approach, I will assist you to find it.
Normally Back Care students' bodies do not look like the 'yogis' we see in advertising and you will not be attempting the advanced poses seen in magazines.  Jane is a yoga teacher, not a physio or doctor.   If you are not sure whether you are well enough to take these classes, please discuss with your health care practitioner and/or contact me to discuss.   Please read my Back Care blog coming soon.