72-74 Shepherd Street Marrickville

Welcome to Urban Grace. Here you will find authentic hatha yoga classes in Newtown and Marrickville, and private tuition in the Inner West of Sydney.

Urban Grace yoga classes show us how to express the best of ourselves in our 21st century lives of busyness, business, harsh realities and hard pavements. At Urban Grace we make time in our busy lives to open our bodies and remember our heart's desire at ever-expanding levels of experience. We practice yoga that affirms us as creative human beings so that we may flow with grace.

Yoga with Urban Grace draws from Anusara and Iyengar teaching styles.  We emphasise healthy alignment and respect for each student's individual qualities.  We use our bodies and breath to explore yoga's philosophical teachings as a way of revealing and expressing our unique gifts. With expression of these alignments we can flow with grace. Therefore you can be young, old, flexible, stiff, talented, vague, athletic, staid - everyone is welcome to practice.



I have been practicing yoga for a long time and I am often reminded of the many ways it brings happiness and encouragement to my life.  I am qualified to teach in Iyengar and Anusara styles and have trained with the best teachers in India, USA and United Kingdom.  

I started Iyengar yoga to help restore movement in my neck after a whiplash injury and yoga practice restored full movement.  15 years into my practice, I started Anusara yoga.  As I was born with a sacralised vertebra that caused progressive instability and degeneration, I was delighted to discover that the alignments taught in Anusara yoga, combined with regular studio pilates practice, enabled me to manage the problem so that I am now virtually pain free.  Learning how to conquer these two physical problems has been invaluable for teaching yoga students how to explore ways of healing.  

I have always been attracted to find ways of inspiring students to align with their own beauty as well as aligning their physical body, and to practice yoga from that place of beauty.   I love to see my students revitalise themselves and restore health, light-heartedness and good will in their busy lives.  

 I emphasize alignment principles that support students to find their core and practice from that foundation.  Physical core?  Spiritual core?  For me as a teacher and practitioner, those kinds of boundaries continue to dissolve as my yoga practice matures. 




Barbara has been practicing and teaching meditation for many years.  More recently she has added Yin yoga to her practice so she can enhance student's abilities to become still and focussed.