If you are new to our Shepherd Street studio,  we invite you to come and try a class or two with a special 2 for 1 invitation.
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Open Classes are for everyone who has practiced yoga before. Classes are tailored to the students attending the class and you are encouraged to practice at your own pace.   

Back Care sessions are for anyone wishing to learn techniques to relieve back pain by strengthening and stabilising their core.  Yoga and pilates equipment is used to practice supportive and therapeutic sequences.  Practiced regularly, many students find these classes help them gain freedom in their neck, shoulders, middle back, lower back and hips. You will learn exercises that you can confidently practice at home.  These classes are popular so book early to reserve a space.    

Level 1 classes are for students wishing to practice at a more moderate pace.  Students attending the Level 1 class may be transitioning from Beginners classes, or recovering from injury or illness or they may be older, or stiffer, or they feel like practicing at a gentler pace. Level 1 classes are suitable for beginners who can’t attend Stand Tall and Shine Beginners Course on Tuesday nights by prior arrangement.

Beginners classes are designed especially for beginners and students who have not practiced yoga for a long time.
Stand Tall and Shine is a 5 week course that introduces the basic yoga poses and how to align them for inspiration and health. You can start at any time but the first week of the 5 week cycle is the best time.

Yoga Focus Class is intended for students who practice yoga regularly and wish to progress with dynamic sequences.
Led Practice is for experienced students who want to develop a regular home practice. The teacher practices with the group and calls the poses but does not offer teaching points. Students gain insight and maturity by listening to their own internal instructions and practicing without too much input.

Single class   $25         concession   $20
5x class pass   $110   concession   $90
10x class pass  $199   
20x class pass  $350  
Back Care 4 weeks $100 single class $30