Stand Tall and Shine - 5 Week Course

Tuesdays 6.30-7.45pm
Starts 5th February

Learn the basic yoga poses so you can practice hatha yoga confidently and safely.
Learn how to align those yoga poses so you can enhance your core stability, improve your posture, reduce stiffness and pain.
Enjoy renewed freedom and peace in your body, willing mindfulness and the joys of opening your heart.

 Tuesday Beginners classes run on a 5-week cycle. Most students repeat it at least 3-4 times before moving to Open classes. You can join Tuesday Beginners at any time during the cycle, but the first week is recommended.
The same sequence from the Beginners course is repeated each week in the Level 1 Saturday 9.30am class.
Your $90 pass entitles you to 5 Beginners classes. If you have to miss a Tuesday class you can use your pass to attend the Saturday Level 1 class by prior arrangement.

Cost $90 for 5 classes. Pass must be used within 6 weeks from date of first class. You can buy Beginner passes 5 times.

Week 1 – Support - Feet and Legs
Week 2 – Move - Hips and Lower Back
Week 3 – Create – Neck, Shoulders and Arms
Week 4 – Empower - Core stability and the Spine
Week 5 – Freedom – Breath, Yoga Pose Revision and Mindfulness

Beginners Courses courses are interesting, challenging and fun.
The course is specially designed for beginners who wish to expand their possibilities of health, fitness and personal understanding in a supportive and enjoyable space.
Lapsed yogis are also welcome.
Many people think you have to have a perfect body to practice yoga, or that you have to be flexible. This is not true.
At the Beginners Course you will meet all kinds of people and you will see that none of us are perfect. We all have concerns - such as sore knees, stiff hips, painful lower back, neck and shoulder problems, low self esteem, poor posture, sleep or digestive issues etc etc. However, we do all have unique gifts and you will learn ways to recognise and express these gifts.
You gain freedom in your body and from your problems.
You will learn how to bring peace and contentment into your life.
Mats and equipment are provided.
Wear clothes that you can move around in - shorts, leggings, t-shirts etc, and bare feet.
Book early as space is limited