Private classes

Private Classes are helpful for students with tricky timetables, tricky bodies :) and those who have particular questions they want to explore one-on-one.    
Classes are usually one hour and are tailored to your particular needs. 
Usually up to 4 students can attend the session, depending on how similar are their levels of experience. 
Private classes are held in the studio in Marrickville or in your home or workplace in Sydney's Inner West. 
Equipment (mat, blocks, belt, bolsters etc) is provided.

Contact Jane to discuss possibilities.


Yoga classes in the workplace encourage people to remain healthy, deal with the stresses of their jobs and promote supportive relationships within the work community.   
Classes are usually one hour and held before or after work or at lunch time.

Cost from $130 per hour.  Contact us to discuss possibilities.


Back Care

yoga for back care  

These courses assist students to relieve back pain.  You will learn yoga poses that help relieve back pain, combined with pilates techniques to strengthen your core and release stiffness patterns.  You will also learn ways to direct your breath so that you can relax deeply and replace pain and stress with calmness.  

Yoga for Back Care classes focus on pilates-style exercises that help you identify your core muscles so you learn how to emphasise strength and alignment.  These are combined with the therapeutic yoga poses that help you learn how to move freely and with confidence so you can get on with your life without the restriction of back pain. Improvements are quicker when students practice at home. 
The next Yoga for Back Care 4 week course starts on Wednesday 27th June - 6.30pm to 8pm.

These classes will include Restorative yoga practice to allow plenty of time for your Back Care exercise to quieten your body.

Cost of the 4 week course is $100
Class size is limited so it is best to book early. 
Single class attendance is available if there is space.  


'I was at the stage when I thought I would be living with back pain for the rest of my life.  A friend told me about the Yoga for Back Care at Urban Grace and I signed up because he was nagging me.  
I was amazed.  I felt so good after the first class that I signed up for the entire course.  Now I practice a couple of the exercises at home and I can’t believe I feel so good now.  I can exercise with my mates and do things I gave up years ago.  Yoga for Back Care is fun and there’s a good chance it will help you change your life.'