Private Lessons

Private Classes are helpful for students with tricky timetables, tricky bodies :) and those who have particular questions they want to explore one-on-one.    
Classes are usually one hour and are tailored to your particular needs. 
Usually up to 4 students can attend the session, depending on how similar are their levels of experience. 
Private classes are held in the studio in Marrickville or in your home or workplace in Sydney's Inner West. 
Equipment (mat, blocks, belt, bolsters etc) is provided.
Cost is $100 per class at your home or workplace or $110 per class at the studio
$450 for 5 Private Classes or $500 for 5 Private Classes including parking fees

Contact Jane to discuss possibilities.


Yoga classes in the workplace encourage people to remain healthy, deal with the stresses of their jobs and promote supportive relationships within the work community.   
Classes are usually one hour and held before or after work or at lunch time.

Cost from $130 per hour.  Contact us to discuss possibilities.