72-74 Shepherd Street Marrickville

Welcome to Urban Grace. Here you will find authentic hatha yoga classes in Newtown and Marrickville, and private tuition in the Inner West of Sydney.

Urban Grace yoga classes show us how to express the best of ourselves in our 21st century lives of busyness, business, harsh realities and hard pavements. At Urban Grace we make time in our busy lives to open our bodies and remember our heart's desire at ever-expanding levels of experience. We practice yoga that affirms us as creative human beings so that we may flow with grace.

Yoga with Urban Grace draws from Anusara and Iyengar teaching styles.  We emphasise healthy alignment and respect for each student's individual qualities.  We use our bodies and breath to explore yoga's philosophical teachings as a way of revealing and expressing our unique gifts. With expression of these alignments we can flow with grace. Therefore you can be young, old, flexible, stiff, talented, vague, athletic, staid - everyone is welcome to practice.

If you are new to our Shepherd Street studio,  we invite you to come and try a class or two with a special 2 for 1 invitation.
Come to 2 classes, or bring a friend
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Open Classes are for everyone who has practiced yoga before. Classes are tailored to the students attending the class and you are encouraged to practice at your own pace.   

Back Care will resume shortly. 
These sessions are for anyone wishing to learn techniques to relieve back pain by strengthening and stabilising their core.  Yoga and pilates equipment is used to practice supportive and therapeutic sequences.  Many students find these classes helpful for gaining freedom in their neck, shoulders, middle back, lower back and hips and they learn exercises that they can practice at home.  These classes are popular so book early to reserve a space.    

Level 1 / Beginners classes are designed for beginners and students wishing to practie at a more mellow pace.  The main groups of yoga poses are covered over a 4 week cycle.  You can start at any time.

Yoga Focus Class is intended for students who practice yoga regularly and wish to progress with dynamic sequences.

Yin and Mindfulness The next 5 week program starts Tuesday 17th April.  Taught by Barbara Courtille who has been teaching meditation for many years.  She combines mindfulness techniques with poses held for long timings.  Bring stillness to your mind while stretching fascia, ligaments and tendons.  Class size is limited.  Book early for this popular program.  

Inversions Workshops on 25th Feb and 25th March are for experienced yogis wishing to enjoy the benefits of the most restorative of Yoga's pose repertoire.  Prop-supported and self-supported versions will be covered so everyone can practice within their own body's capabilities.  2 hours $30

Single class   $25         concession   $20
5x class pass   $110     concession   $95
10x class pass  $199    concession  $180
20x class pass  $350  
Back Care session -